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Passion | Purpose | Mission 

Gowen Gardens & Nursery, a Galante Properties property, is a private residence with gardens designed to exemplify an urban, native plant wildlife habitat.

The mission of Gowen Gardens & Nursery is to transform (and maintain) it’s green space into an exemplary urban, native wildlife habitat, while providing native plants to neighbors through, propagation, seed saving, and suckering.


Restoration began Summer 2009, with  weeding. Then, section by section, the invasive plants- Honeysuckle, Bittersweet, Norway Maple saplings, Garlic Mustard, Bindweed, several large Barberry bushes, English Ivy, etc.- were eradicated, and native plants filled the developing gardens. 


Today, Gowen Gardens consists of:

  • the “Sidewalk” garden with Virginia roses, peonies, chokeberry, spring bulbs, mountain laurel, switch grass, winterberry, and common milkweed.

  • the “Meadow” garden with coneflower, joepye weed, Culiver’s root, NY iron weed, baptisa, snakeroot, tall tickseed, thread tickseed, bee balm, lavender, phlox, and goldenrod.  

  • the “Shrub Forest,” with spicebush, sweet shrub, hazelnut, pawpaw, various ferns, flowering quince, hibiscus, mountain mint, phlox, and golden rod.

  • the “Understory” garden (formerly the “Poison Ivy Forest”), with Japanese maple, spicebush, strawberry bush, oakleaf hydrangea, ferns, mayapple, and Solomon's seal. 

  • the “Psuedo Rain Garden” with Cardinal flower, foamflower, yarrow, mountain mint, swamp rose, bee balm, and switchgrass. 

  • the “Back Meadow” with  goosneck loosestrife, woodland sunflower, goldenrod, violet, azalea, winterberry, lily,  and snowball viburnum.

  • the “Orchard Understory” with a pawpaw tree, plum tree, wild ginger, mayapple, violet, and food plants. 

  • the "Kitchen Garden" which is a five-bed key-hole garden.   

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